Cuts invisible to the naked eye~

Fluffy porridge~

"Touma, I'll protect you~"
  • The speed of Kanzaki's sword's, Shichiten Shichitou (Seven Heaven Seven Swords), slash is almost impossible to see because it is so fast and can kill anyone in a split second
  • Kanzaki and Stiyl were Index's past friends and has no means of harming her; they got upset that each time they create memories with Index, it would be erased and they have to start over again
  • 85% of Index's brain is the 103,000 volumes of magic text and 15% is for normal activities; if more information overflow into the 15%, Index will die; thus Index's memory needs to be erased, which is usually during annual intervals, and the next time happen to be in three days
  • Kamijō argues back that Kanzaki obtained power because she has someone to protect and not because she has the power to protect someone
  • At the end, Kanzaki and Stiyl came to pick Index up and Kamijō concludes that they had used him as a bait to capture Index