Epic winz~

Hajimemashite doozo yoroshiku~

"What cha looking at, punk?!"

Minorin Radar *pew pew*

Strike Out!!!
  • Kawashima Ami is Kitamaru's childhood friend, a model, a klutzy airhead, and has a fake personality
  • Ami-chan, short for Kawashima Ami, transferred to Taiga's and Ryūji's school
  • Taiga and Ami-chan are already enemies from the start
  • "[That's odd] my cute-girl-detecting Minorin Radar isn't reacting at all this time..." Minorin is awesome~
  • "Then why am I tiny?" That's because you are adorable in your tiny [chibi] size
  • At the end, Taiga and Ryūji spots a disguised Ami carries two bag full of sweets