Ah another personal favorite(yes I have a lot of favorites xD). Aihara's observation diary. Yuki decides to write about what they observe playing around with Sato who is sleeping. Different things are done to Sato(poor Sato). Next, everyone is playing outside. Then it starts to rain. Despite the rain and mud they still played, Even Aihara ran out into the rain. After that comes, the Jan-ken-po episode. Kouji and Sato face off in a jan-ken-po battle and the loser has to fan the winner. Obviously Sato loses miserably. Lastly comes the summer festival. All the girls are in yukatas and Kouji tells Sato that girls in yukatas don't wear underwear(a lie in this case). Sato becomes over protective for Chika. Chika thinks that Sato really cares about her, only to later find out his reasons for his protection. The episode ends with fireworks.

"I'll beat you if you wake me up".

Aihara and her observation log.

-Ignores Yuki-

Yuki holds Sato's nose.

Aihara jots down Sato's reaction.

-Holds mouth too-

Yuki is very enthusiastic.

Tickle the armpits!


-Puts chin on Sato's head-




-Blows in ear-


Aihara finds this amusing.

"We didn't do anything".



"What did I do"?!

Sato's spot is taken.

And he slips on the slide.

Then Aihara slips on the mud.

"It's a new species"!

The loser has to fan the winner.

Sato, caught in a dilemma.

Chika does not find this amusing.

Chika's inner evil!


Kouji laughing at Sato's stupidity.

Not amused.

Everyone buying food at the stalls.

Watching the fireworks.

  • Sato's stupidity is shown throughout this entire episode.
  • Sato is just as a heavy sleeper as me! ^_^
  • I would probably beat the person that woke me too.
  • Maybe I should buy a jump rope and try.
  • Despite the rain ruining the day, we can all still play.
  • Sato is a sore loser.
  • He also has a lot of arm strength to fan that many times.
  • Poor Sato always getting beat up for his random moments that was unintentional.
  • Kouji likes to pick on Sato's stupidity. He is easy to trick after all.
  • The ED had a nice feeling with the fireworks.