So the episode called Smile has arrived. Also one of my favorites. In this episode, everyone tries to make Aihara laugh since no one has ever seen her even smile. All sorts of things are done, like making funny faces, only to backfire, since Aihara makes an ever funnier face(her face was never shown D:). Next comes the episode where Sato makes everyone who goes near him fall asleep. What exactly does he do? Who knows. Last is the swimsuit changing episode for the girls, and then the boys. Both includes the characters forgetting their towels and have to change another way. After they are all done changing, they all go out to the pool.

Sato making funny faces.

Was Aihara laughing here?

Or here?

And here?

"Did you turn stupid from the heat"?
"I won't be as stupid as you, so it's ok".
"You can kill someone when you call them stupid like that".

Aihara, cold as ice.

Aihara makes a face full of win, if only we could see it.

Tsubasa, defeated.

Kouji, caught.

"With power".

Aihara's sixth sense.

"You noticed, huh"?

"Hold it"!

Lots of serious faces.

Aihara too!

Tickle power.

Aihara is about to smile!

"Alright! I've got you"!

"She turn the tables on me".


Aihara escapes the clutches of smiling.

What is Sato doing in there?!

"Was he eaten"?

-Throws Kouji out-

-Throws Natsumi out-

"Since forever? That explains a lot".
Aihara is so evil (・ω・)

Yuki, proud of her achievement.

"Want to use this"?


"Boxer briefs".

"I am first"!

Aihara practicing backstroke.


Chika getting revenge.

  • Seems like no one has seen Aihara smile before, not even her childhood friend Chika after all these years.
  • An alliance is made to make Aihara laugh.
  • Aihara overcomes the obstacles and is the victor.
  • Chika gets defeated at her own game.
  • Sato has several stages of sleep.
  • Sato will drag you to the eternal depths of sleep.
  • Everyone tries to change under their clothes.
  • Chika is developing according to Yuki.