This episode starts off with everyone coming out of the pool. Sato dislikes the feeling and is scared to clean his eyes. Then is awesome milk episode, where Sato squeezes milk all over Megumi. Too bad the TV version is not as great as the OVA one. Then Sato causes his soup to go all over Yuki. Then comes the competition between Sato and Natsumi, on which way is it easier to take off their shirt. And finally comes the kiss scene(well nearly) between Chika and Sato.

Sato is scared to watch his eyes with this.

Chika is hearing weird moans coming from Sato.

"There's a hole in your swimsuit where your butt is".

Sato and Chika on top of each other.

Revenge is sweet.

Sato's evil face.

Megumi with milk on her. Not as funny as the OVA right?

Same goes for Yuki.

Eyes of a rapist.

Sato staring in confusion.

Drill through the heavens!

The nearly kiss scene.

  • Yuki and Sato are both afraid to cleanse their eyes.
  • Sato just drops his soup on Yuki. Lol
  • Female convention against Sato.
  • Aihara shows emotions to bunk beds!
  • Apparently, according to Yuki, Sato has tried to do H things with Natsumi before. -Ahem episode 2-