In the beginning, Haru finds out about the girl who she believed was dead and caused Akiyuki's tranformation. Then it forwards to Kakisu, the evil dude, becoming in charge of Sentan Island due to the human form coming on it to find the Xam'ds. Haru is glad that she's back home but misses Akiyuki. Akiyuki wakes up from his nap and finds himself on a ship flying in the air and he does not remember anything. The mysterious red hair girl was treating him of his Xam'd. She wrapped bandages around his arm to keep it from going out of control. Akiyuki's arm was rather bulky, too. He looked up and saw a big scratch that looked like a monster had dug his claws into the Then he got dressed, ate, met the members, and then went up to the captain and ask her to stop at the next port for him to leave and to go back home. The captain punches him. Then Akiyuki's arm goes out of control and a ship drops out of nowhere. Humanform Weapons come out and then Nakiami, the red hair girl, and Akiyuki kills them. After the fight, Akiyuki writes a letter to Haru. Meanwhile, Haru goes to Akiyuki's mother and gives her his bag. She kept his armband for himself. Akiyuki then gets a cott to sleep on where he finds another scratch and Akushiba, the ship driver, tells him that it was made by another Xam'd name Raigyo Tsunomata. End.

The huge scratch markings on the ceiling.

I laughed when I saw this but Akiyuki's dad's been working hard.

The big humongous Humanform Weapon ship.

I loled at this every time I saw this frame picture.

I think I know why I like this motor flying bike thingy. It makes a rainbow colored circle.

The other scratch marks in the room where Raigyo use to sleep in.