Healing magic~

Kawaii desu~

Happy family~

Mmmhm *CHOMP*

Trapped and alone~
  • Index performed some complicated magic to heal her wound and it look pretty awesome
  • After regeneration, tired Index is worried about Kamijō than herself
  • Komoe Tsukuyomi is forgetful when shopping; I call her Usagi-chan because of that pink bunny suit (She let Index wear it, too)
  • Komoe-sensei's "Desu" means "yes"
  • Magic, "a different world", is poisonous to people of "[Kamijō's] this world" and is possible in destorying brains
  • Christians separate becuase they brought politics into religion and all of them have evolved in their own unique ways
  • The church of necessary evil, Necessarius, is organized to fight impurities and against magicians
  • Magic is like a formula, which can be reserved and neutralized; thus if someone knows all the magic in the world, then he or she is able to control and to distort the world
  • Kanzaki, the female swordsman/samurai, looks pretty awesome while Stiyl feel guilty that they has to end Index's happiness (it reminded him of something in the past)
  • According to Komoe-sensei, when going to a Japanese bath, drink coffee milk with one hand on the waist and head slightly raised
  • At the end, Kanzaki has Kamijō trapped