Fluff? I believe so.

Ok, I've just finished the final episode of this awesome anime, and my dearest apologies of not being able to follow up on the blogging of each episode. But thinking about it, why do the same thing Random Curiosity is doing? I'd prefer sticking to ranting about the episodes, but well, that's just me. So, back to my thoughts on the entire season of Akane.

Ok, this caught my eye when it first came out because of the straightforward presentation of the plot. Tsundere girl comes in, declares she's the guy's fiance, and they suddenly start living together after an awkward school meeting. I was so in the mood for a classic love story and I was really excited that one finally came out, one that didn't really put crazy twists on them. That, my friends, was what I expected.

First off, it was cool at the beginning, with the awkward first kiss and all. It kinda annoyed me how they always made a big deal about that first kiss thing, but I still thought, "This is a classic love story, of course they would make a big deal of it." I let the thing slide. I was amused at the introduction of the telepathic best friend and the professor who seems a bit off when it comes to Junichi. The minor side characters were just there for the sake of putting them there, and so, I didn't really care. I do remember thinking though, "Minato is hawt."

Episode 3 came. Haunted houses are bloody overused. It's a perfect opportunity to get scared girls to snuggle close to you, and for us viewers, to laugh at ridiculous pranks which scare the living hell out of stupid people. Pretty decent, gave me some lulz regarding the kick-ass professor who caused a ruckus by (what else) starting a bike in his room, ffs.

Oh, so it was in episode 4 where we see Junichi being quite attached to Minato. Well, clearly, that is. We also see here that moe imoutos are capable of slicing apart huge fish and turning them into instant meals for a crowd on a boat. Now, this is not applicable for me, as I am the youngest among 2 siblings, and I've never had the imouto factor. EVER. For the record, Ayanokouji Karen is retarded. <3

Episode 5, first date. Ok, lame. OH WAIT A FRIGGIN SECOND. Minato, adopted imouto?! Haaa, not this shit again. I don't really care if it's true or not, but they damn well made me speculate.

Episode 6, it's another Ayanokouji patended disaster. Thank goodness for Minato and her 1337 skillz. If it wasn't for her, they might as well have died on the spot.

Episode 7 had this mecha-theme and shiz, but what do you know, it collapses. I was on the brink of covering my screen as I watched this, it was too embarassing to watch intently. 

Episode 8 = Tsukasa ep. I don't give a damn, sorry.

Ok, things started to get cooler on episode 9. Mina-cchi finally displayed some emotion that awakened my wincest radar and thus get goosebumps thinking about the possible ending. The whole thing about Minato knowing EVERYTHING about her brother was purely awesomeness, with her knowledge ranging from his tastes in food and pr0n. This prompted me to wish to Santa to wrap up Minato and deliver her to me for Christmas. I swear, I've been smelling some "Onii-chan no ecchi~" factors in this episode. But heck, it's still awesome, with Yuuhi being interested in it all. THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN A HAREM END.

I should have known that the rapid development between Yuuhi and Junichi was a bad sign. Yes, it was dumb that they got together in the overly cliche situation of I'm-sick-stay-with-me-be-late-for-school-lovu-lovu, but I decided to ignore that factor and go ahead and root for them. But no, Mr. Telepathic Friend #1 had to mess up his brain with, get this, WORDS. That stupidity got him thinking about his sister. Yuuhi in a maid costude was pitiful, it made the tsundere look like she was trying to hard. I do admit that the minute she stopped acting, she was pure win. Of course, not as "win" as the wincest scene at the end of episode 10, with Mina-cchi blushing and all that crap. THIS IS NOT GOOD.

With the heart-to-heart talk in episode 11, it seemed kinda dumb that Junichi was left with just 1 episode to finally sort out his so-called feelings. Mama and Papa are awesome. Now, for the final cliffhanger, he proceeded to make his decision between our blatantly obvious two heroines: Shall he choose the flat-chested tsundere known as Yuuhi, where they fight like a childish couple on every occasion, yet they still manage to make up and deliver us heart-stopping moe scenes? Or shall he descend to the deep, dark path of wincest with Minato, where he will share his fantasies with his sister, making the ending seem like a slice out of a hentai doujinshi? 

*This is where I had a break due to travelling.*

When I was watching episode 12, my thoughts jumped from "Not the look-at-sister's-breast-Yuuhi-become-jealous thing again!" to "Oh, tsundere's leaving" to "WHAT THE HELL, MY IMOUTO MOVED OUT?!" to "Lonely him, serves him right." The brief moment with Mr. Professor-with-doubted-sexuality was just hilarious, with the glittering stuff and all. I lol'd. But seriously, all the reflection with the inner self crap was just too convenient a plot device that suddenly turned the wheels of romance to Minato's favor. It was just... dumb.

So, in an nutshell, Minato won. I still hold my theory of Minato being adopted, since this is an anime adaptation of an eroge. They'd never make an eroge where you end up with your blood related sister (or do they?), so I assume this is true. But instead of delivering my awesome ending of wincest, they HAD to throw Yuuhi back into the house, thus bringing us back to the original situation, more or less. WHY, oh WHY, did they have to throw her back?! I mean, yeah, she's a main-ish sort of character, but she's over, damnit. OVER. The crazy father may say "My daughter doesn't give up easily.", but what the hell do you know?! Fluff, I tell you, fluff.

Now excuse me as I exorcise myself of the wincest themes plaguing my mind recently.