This is also one of my favorites. A fight starts between the girls and the boys about breasts, and Sato bs his way out about collar bones. Next comes the piggyback ride. Chika asks Sato to help her get a book on the top shelf and only to realize in the end they could have used a chair. Next comes the interrogation of skirt lifting. Chika and Yuki asks Sato, Koji, and Tsubasa about when did they stop skirt lifting. Everyone's reaction to Sato's answer is hilarious. No one believes him at all. In the end Sato does a overhead flip by accident. Next period is a skirt trick. Sato takes it too seriously and decides to get revenge by putting on Chika's skirt while running down the hallway.

Fifth graders looking at girls in bikinis.

"Women are about their collarbones".

"It must be a real turn on for Sato-kun".

Just when Sato thought he got away.


"You were staring at my collarbones weren't you"?

"Space is amazing, isn't it"?


You fell on top of Aihara! Oh no!

A chair?! I never thought of that!



". . . ."

No one believes Sato.

-Stares at skirt being lifted-

"So this is the legendary overhead lift, huh"?!

Koji in skirt-mode.

Sato doesn't know what to do with the skirt.

"Give me back my skirt"!

Tsubasa is only interested about space.
  • How do these kids obtain those magazines?
  • The boys in 5-2 are pretty fickle.
  • Aihara got mad at Yuki! -Throws ball-
  • Now getting a chair was too hard. So piggy back ride!
  • Sato got some more service.
  • Sato is either a well-known liar or a well-known pervert.
  • Koji, a man who can squirm his way out of any situation instantly.
  • Koji gagged at his own thought of himself in a skirt, while I ROFL'd in my chair.
  • Sato is too pure and innocent, but he has guts to run down the hall with a skirt on.