As the episode starts off, Jin sets off to find out more about Nagi being a god. He goes all around town to search for clues. He finds out all the paper files with the information on the God enshrined at Kannagi shrine was burned in a fire years ago. At the same time, Nagi has not gone home, and Jin searches for her in every location he thinks possible.

"I am actually a mahou bishounen, Jin".

Jin, scared to death.

"All men are wolves at this age"!

Jin, depressed that Nagi may not be coming back.
  • Jin wants to find out the truth if Zange or Nagi are gods.
  • Want some crackers?
  • Zange can defend herself quite well.
  • Daitetsu finds Nagi's wand on the roof.
  • Jin falls into a deep depression.
  • Want any dried potatoes?