"Baka" - Taiga
  • If you've lifted the foot forward, then move forward without hesitation
  • Kitamaru confessed to Sumire, but she rejected him because she don't want him to be the idiot following her around even to America where she is going to study abroad to be an astronaut
  • Taiga and Sumire got into a big fight...Taiga ended up suspended and had to write a letter of apology to Sumire
  • I missed my high school debut because I never got a girlfriend during high school
  • In the end, it goes back to the complicated love relationships: Minorin likes Ryūji, but thought Taiga likes Ryūji. But Taiga likes Kitamaru so Minorin felt relieved; Ami asks Minorin if her guilt is gone, meaning if she don't regret liking Ryūji, but Ami clenches her teeth, showing that she likes Ryūji, too.