Before anyone asks, YES, I play eroge. The term visual novel suits it better, though. The stories of such are very in-depth and provide a great deal of entertainment and satisfaction.

The one I'm playing right now is Yume Miru Kusuri: A drug that makes you dream.


This game features three heroines, with each of their own underlying problems.

I like how the issues aren't random romantic cliches, but rather some real life situations which are fairly common in our society. It's just amazing how the authors tackle these issues and somehow manage to insert sexual intercourse.

This girl is Shiraki Aeka. She's the one with the bullying scenario. I was thinking of finishing her route first, but then I decided against it. I'm going to do it in a few days, though.

Ah, Kirimiya Mizuki. She's the one I finished on my first try. It was a fairly interesting route, with 8 erotic scenes out of a total of 12 scenes. I really liked the storyline in this one. Major drawback is that it didn't bring me to tears. I was just sad, but not the 'heart-melting' sad nor the 'bring-myself-to-tears' sad, just sad. The impact was less than other stories that I've encountered, but very unique and touching in its own way.

The last heroine in the game, Cat Sidhe Nekoko, didn't interest me much. Although she's the one with the drug scenario, which is interesting, the first meeting was boring, which prompted me to save her for later. She called herself a 'fairy'. How lame is that? It's quite believable though, might have been the effect of drugs.

Other noteworthy characters are:

Tsubaki Hirofumi - the gay colleauge. Apart from being openly gay, he's into eroges as well. How fcking awesome is that?

Kagami Aya - the little sister, whom the main guy usually teases about her body. There have been some scenes where he saw her naked and he made nothing of it. The creators pulled the class 'She is 18' routine on this character, though. From the Peach Princess site: "Kagami Aya, your younger sister. She's a good girl, though she takes jokes a bit too seriously.Though you've lived together for years, as an adopted son your relationship with her is still unclear. Age 18." LOL

Other characters bore me.

I'm certainly loving this game so far. The only problem I see is that my exams are close, making me choose between this and studying.