Index is mistaken for a futon


"There's no way it can taste bad!"

Kamijō can't resist feeding Index spoiled food

103,000 volumes of magic text in her mind

The great powers of the hand

It's all pinned up

"Would you accompany me to the depths of hell?"

Index got "stabbed" even with her all powerful clothing

Looks like Sha Gojyo from Saiyuki

Characters introduced so far
  • Tōma Kamijō, the protagnist, whose hand can negate any magical powers, is riddled with misfortunes because his hand nullifies God's blessing and miracles when in contact with the air.
  • Index, a young nun who holds in her mind 103,000 volumes of magic text, is being chased by the magic society.
  • Mikoto Misaka, also known as sparky, can create volts of lightning and has a rivalry with Kamijō.
  • Komoe Tsukuyomi, the loli teacher, appears more mature than she looks.
Thus, even without the other unknown characters so far, this is already an awesome cast, full of different kinds of characters. Moving on, there is also a certain religious aspect to this anime because Index has to keep the volumes of magic text in her mind safe until she arrives to the church. I wonder why Index's magicial name, Dedicatus545, which means "a sheep dedicated to protecting the knowledge of the strong", ends in numbers... Also to note, Index has such a cute voice that it apparently is hard to get off my mind. In the preview, Stiyl Magnus, the unnamed red haired magician at the end of episode one, engages Kamijō in battle over Index.