Inocentius, The King of Witch Hunter, looks very menacing

All those cheap looking runes

Serves you right, coward!

Wonder what kind of relationship they have

Curse that right hand!

Usagi-chan is adorable~

Background info

Kamijō lives in a city of science where psychic of level 0 to 5 exists (since episode one). Those who are psychics naturally can't use magic. Magic aren't suppose to be used by psychics. Magic are born to people who can't use psychic abilities and want to do things like the ones with power. Kamijō's right hand can nullify anything even magic. Index has the ability to memorize everything eternally once she reads it, but she can't use magic herself. Magicians purusing Index wants to take her into custody because of the 103,000 volumes of magic text in her mind is "dangerous". Kamijō's right hand can nullify anything including magic.

Stiyl Magnus (magical name is Fortis931) does look menacing with fire, but when he began to lose, he is such a coward. The fire monster that he summoned is Inocentius, King of Witch Hunter, who hunts its prey to death. Apparently Index's all powerful clothing, The Walking Church, was previously destoryed by Kamijō and his right hand; thus she was able to be stabbed. Also Index seems to have an automated system once she is injured or having loads of blood loss. In the end, Kamijō leaves Index in the hands of Komoe Tsukuyomi, Kamijō's loli teacher who is a heavy drinker and smoker and also in a pink bunny suit (;D), since Kamijō's right hand would nullify any magic around the area. Kuroko Shirai, a member of Judgement, appears to observe the situation and be playful with Misaka who is also at the scene. In the end of episode, there is an appearance of a new character. In the preview, Index is getting healed, Tsukuyomi is being sucked into the floor, and the presence of that female new character.