The three failures

Stone garden is a nice concept

"Entranced by the eyes of the dead"

"Lose your legs in the Forest of Confusion"

"Have your body burned within the crimson flames"


Example of a perfect butler in action

"Something once lost will never return"

Ciel's family (I wonder what happened to his parents)

First impression

The perfect butler theme reminds me of Hayate no Gotoku, but without the streak of misfortunes. The game that Ciel plays with his visitor actually comes true and haunts his visitor depending on what has happened in the game. For example, Mr Damian is scorched in the oven later in the story since he landed on the board square of a person burning on a stake. The board game reminds me of Jumanji. There was also a pun when Sebastian said "I'm but a butler", which also translates to "a demon and a butler". It looks like in the beginning, Ciel signed a contract with a crow, which I suppose is "demon" Sebastian. In all, I have yet to discover what the main plot of the story is beside a devoted butler and a young master.