Bond much?

Wow, this first episode is awesome. I usually wait a while and see to judge a series, but this is obviously first-class.

The first scene made no sense to me at first though... secret agent? LOL

Like a guy fresh out of a horror flick, all it needs is some blood.

This show is about secret agents trying to take over the world with giant mechas (again) a romantic comedy, which we can't have too much of. The part where he was called the 'Genokiller' was just hilarious. Made me think about bloody scenes and what not.

No guys in the screenshot? This is unbelievable.

The girl who was kissed in this picture is the female lead, Katagiri Yuuhi (the boy is Nagase Jun'ichi, who's dad is actually the secret agent guy).I thought she was that type of girl who just smiles and gets along with others. In short, the shy type.


I was amused by her sudden change in attitude, including the kick to Jun's balls. It was a radical deviation from her demeanor the day before. It changed from "... please go out with me!" to "Go and die!". Damn, gotta love that.

Thank you, goddess of fate!

And what do you know, she's his fiancee. I guess we get to see more of Yuuhi's tsundere side, since they're living under one roof and all.

Thought at 2am: DO WANT MOAR.