Well, another great episode in my eyes, although some modifications were done. Yomi was still there, Iwahata, Kagura, Noriyuki, and that is about it.Kagura has short hair now =[ and what happened to Byakuei? Well Kagura isn't as cute anymore. Well the fights were still great (I love that dude with the briefcases), and Kagura has a short fight with Yomi, unable to defeat her she gets "killed". The show blacks out as she is cut, so we can't be sure yet. Maybe Noriyuki ran back out and took the hit for her.

This is what you do when you get stuck in traffic.

The main character does a one slash kill pose theme.

Kagura has short hair now =[ But she has pocky :D

Wasn't the chairwoman of the Ministry of the Environment supposed to be an old lady? Oh well, love her smile.

Never mess with a guy that fights with machine gun briefcases that work real well at close range.

Yomi summons Rangure

Doesn't Rangure seem happy?

Woo 1 on 1 fight

Yomi doesn't realize until the last second.

Kagura is caught by Rangure by the hand ouch D:

  • Kagura has shorter hair.
  • Kagura isn't as cute =[
  • When does Kensuke come in?
  • I want some Iwahata gay jokes.
  • Yomi is still related to Kagura in the anime and still wants to kill her.
  • "Man you didn't have to kill them!" They are controlled corpses, no point leaving them alive to kill you is there?
  • Briefcases are awesome.
  • Yomi doesn't have a sesshouseki on her forehead.
  • Noriyuki is still called a coward.
  • Will you kill someone you love, because of love?