Sorry it took so long, had test weeks. Back to where episode 1 left off, Takumi first sees Rimi, who claims she, and Daisuke were childhood friends, even providing a picture from his phone. His life just got changed. Takumi is caught on camera, running away with the nail. Seems like a date with Yua until she drops her bag full of New Gene articles. Yua just does a major mood swing and goes all evil sounding. She is a pro stalker too.

I am so jealous!

Kawaii~ pose :D

I want to be in that picture =[

Delusions, Illusions, and Intrusions.

Caught on tape, no escape.

What did you do to get that girl?

I know what you're staring at Takumi xD

"Never stare at my ass."

  • A cute girl just came into your life Takumi, so no complaints.
  • Rimi is a ninja. She went into Takumi's room without him knowing.
  • How was Rimi not caught on tape?
  • Ignoring an e-mail from a girl? Despicable.
  • So Takumi actually does like real girls.
  • Instant evil aura emits from Yua.
  • She sure can be redundant.
  • She is a professional detective/stalker, logging all of Takumi's files.
  • Must get episode 3!