ef - a tale of melodies focuses more on the relationships not covered in the first season. This, of course, includes the story of Yuuko and Himura, Kuze, and Mizuki. There's also someone new this time around, and it's Hirono Nagi, the sister of Hirono Hiro.

This MUST hurt.

I can go on for sometime discussing how it isn't possible to be nailed in the palms and still be somehow hanging. Theoretically, your palms wouldn't be a good idea to place nails in, since they would tear off because of your body weight. Unless you're standing on something.

The opening was pretty well done this time around as well. The characteristic walls of text placed as the background was really nice, too. It's not in English this time around, though. My favorite line was 'I wish I could see your insides'. I'm taking Biology. Makes sense?

Yeah, white hair isn't cool.

This was from the past (as you've probably guessed), when they were still in school. I'm looking forward to the unveiling of why she hated (or hates) him. There was also some stuff about Himura remembering 'something' and that she was his sister or something. 

I always thought they were lovers separated by destiny during the first season. It apparently seems to be much deeper than that and I am fully prepared for some random shock that may result from knowing.

I thought it was Renji with breasts.

This person drawing a nude portrait of herself is Hirono Nagi. Now we know where Shindou Nagi got his name from. And his hand. Himura was in this scene as well, trying his hardest to avoid looking at her body. Himura, you dumbass. If the girl thinks of her body as art, then by all means you should, too! Trying to look away, don't deny yourself of this opportunity.

Hypnosis, 60% complete.

Mizuki is now staying at Renji's house for the meantime. Turns out, they're cousins, which seems so perfectly orchestrated that it could only happen in fiction. This is in Australia, by the way.

I wasn't really happy to see Renji again. Nothing's really changed with him, save the fact that he decided to be a novelist. I WANT CHIHIRO NAO. Maybe long-haired Chihiro would be kawaii~

Kuze likes them young.

I'm not comfortable with the idea of Mizuki and Kuze making a couple. Good thing that possibility seems remote at the moment. I envision a 'life-changing' story with little romance regarding these two. I mean, them? Romance? Intercourse? Oh, please, no.

My heart is breaking for you. Literally.

This part was quite sudden. Who knew Kuze would have such physical issues? Now he doesn't seem too perfect after all. Thinking about it, letting him die would have a great effect on the storyline. No, forget about letting him die. MAKE him die.

Interesting, right?

Overall, this episode is quite an interesting start for the series. The introduction of Hiro's sister, the dark (?) past of Himura and Yuuko, and the odd couple of Kuze and Mizuki. Throw in Chihiro, and it would be even better.

I just hope this interests me more though. I've had my fill of boring episodes already that I don't want more. I don't even have the energy to rant about this episode.