She has a short term memory~

Taiga's emotion system acting up~

Waki Waki Carnival~

I want to try Ryūji made bentos, too~

Anti-mold terrorist

That looks "awesomely similar" to the real Starbucks

Ah~ *drool*

That's sure an easy way to peel a potato~

Awesome Yu Gi Oh collection~

I want to buy one of Taiga's photos, too~
  • Taiga has a secret stash of blurry Kitamaru pictures because she is such a klutz at taking pictures; Ryūji agreed to take pictures of Kitamaru for her
  • There is an introduction of the class president, Sumire Kanō
  • Come to Sudoh-Bucks and have a nice cup of coffee~
  • Actually Kitamaru has confessed to Taiga before, but got rejected; Afterwards, Taiga started to like him
The whole episode is absolutely hilarious especially Taiga, she had some of the cutest moments like waki waki carnival~ ;3 Well beside that, next episode will focus on Kawashima