While watching this episode I realize this part of the story is a part of the game. Sunohara still thinks Sanae is Nagisa's sister(well she is young, not to mention good looking *_*, even Tomoya blushed a few times when he saw her, especially when she was in the nekomimi on ;3)

The illusionary world this time with sheep!

One of the best Tomoya expressions ever :D

Evil Kyou is back!♥

That fruity juices stands out pretty well.

Oh Tomoyo, you're the best, I love you!♥♥♥

Once again, Sunohara is kicked through the sky.

Kotomi, ready for combat.

It can't be that bad. ;3

Oh Yukine-chan. Kawaii~

"Who dares disrupts me from my slumber?"

Sanae is way better than Nagisa. The proof is on Tomoya's face.

Sunohara in his manly pose.

Tricked by Mei once again.

Sanae in Nagisa's uniform :D

  • Sanae finally has some screen time :D
  • Which is your favorite costume? Mine is definitely the cat maid uniform. xD
  • Sunohara is once again abused throughout this episode.
  • Will Sunohara ever get a girlfriend?
  • Kyou can be evil at times, yet also cute.
  • Kyou slapped Tomoya!
  • How is it like, being ignored and brushed off, Sunohara?
  • Sunohara still believes Sanae is Nagisa's sister.
  • I wished Mei had a little more screen time.