Looks like a toy car

That came out from almost nowhere

A world map perhaps?!

Fon Master Ion

Fon Master Guardian Anise is such a klutz who manages to lose Fon Master Ion

Luke keeps a diary in case he loses his memories again

Tear's reaction to cheagles (compared to...)

Luke's reaction to cheagles is amusing

A sorcerous ring, given by Yulia Jue, that grants the ability of speech to cheagles

Mieu can breath fire at a young age

Miu Miu Miu


Since Luke has no idea of the outside world and is a such spoiled brat, he took things for granted. And then like before, Tear is the one apologizing and paying up for his mess. Like episode one, Luke has a gentle side since he saved that cheagle, a sacred animal of the church. But I still think he is too arrogant and naive, considering he thinks he can do anything and get anything. It apparently felt that all the main characters are introduced relatively fast within two episodes, but since it is following the game story, it isn't much of a problem. And of course, Jade wearing glasses made him look like a typical villian, but preview tells of a different story.

History behind Tales of the Abyss