Sakurashin and the Nanago

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First, a bit of history on Sakurashin, the only city where both youkai (demon) and human live together
  • Long time ago, humans plant sakura trees, Nanago, in order to send youkai back to their own dimension
  • Because of persecution from humans, youkai gathered in Sakurashin so they can return home; thus that became the reason of the birth of the city, Sakurashin
  • Half of the city population is youkai
Second, the cast is full of variety
  • Akina, human who is desecendant of Hiizumi family, can send harmful youkai home only through the power of tuning
  • Hime, also known as Mayor, is the incarnation of a dragon
  • Kotoha, a Kotodama user, who uses the power of words (to affect objects and cause submission)
  • Ao, a Satori, who is able to read other people's minds
  • Kyousuke, an orge, who has a wristband to "contain" his power