After an all-nighter, Jin finally finishes his wood sculpture of a female priestess. He calls it the Tree Spirit Statue. He brings it out to the yard to put it on his bike, only to see a girl popping out from the statue. This is one type of encounter not often used and I like it. Having a beautiful girl coming out of your creation would be just awesome! I wasn't expecting too much at first, but now I'm expecting more from Kannagi. The OP is cute too, a concert from the God, and the OP is probably the Nagi tree.

Oh my! A bishoujo popped out!

*Poke* Hehehe

Gold Blood!

"Stop staring and help me!"

Damned leaf.

Mahou Shojou God Nagi!

Insects are the impurities of the land.

Nowhere to hide your pr0nz? Disguise them as textbooks!

  • How would the story be if Jin had carved a priest?
  • The clothes on the statue don't match.
  • Let me express my thanks on helping me get rid of the impurity on me. *KICK*
  • Imagine if Sazenin Nagi was the god xD
  • Be a man and buy those panties!
  • Submit to your male desires, touch her breasts while she sleeps.