The Kingdom of Kimlasca-Lanvaldear

The Kingdom of Malkuth Empire

Headaches are such a pain

Guy is not used to girls

Natalia and Luke were childhood friends

Luke, returning from being kidnapped

Master Van's seiyu is the same as Diethard Ried's in Code Geass

Seventh Fonons in action

Tear is so kind

What a gigantic warship...

First impression

Looks like the anime is following the game so far and hopefully it would continue that way and doesn't deter that much from original story. The artwork was done very similar to the ones in the game; nothing usual except that sometimes Luke might look a bit childish. And it was nice that the whole history was covered within a few minutes. As usual, Luke is snobby and arrogant. I can't believe how Tear can't put up with him. Maybe opposites do attract. But sometimes Luke is nice for a change, but he obviously gets embarrassed when praised.

Time to find time to finish the game.