Out of tune~

Frank is a fan of Shana-chan~

Senpai, hold on tight and you will be alright~

The ultimate otaku buddha at prayer

You fail~
  • Since the setting is in Paris and the anime is from Japan, there will be both French and Japanese languages
  • Nodame and Shinichi arrives at Paris and stays at Shinichi's mother's aparment
  • Nodame is the ultimate otaku while Shinichi is the strictest person (teacher?)
  • Due to Nodame's inability to speak French, she causes lots of trouble for Shinichi
  • Shinichi is scared of planes as usual
  • Frank has a Shana t-shirt~
The anime starts similarly to the the special episode one of Nodame Cantabile. So I wonder how J.C. Staff will cover two special episode of live action into eleven episodes of anime.