Well this anime started off with the classic "fateful meeting" thing which a lot of anime has used before. The animation looks alright, and the voice acting was decent. I didn't like the OP that much, and the same could be said for the ED. Plot? So far it doesn't seem to have one, just some kids trying to get to class by walking straight.

Oh snap she's flying.


Suzume to the rescue!

And she throws a right straight!

Disciplining children is serious business

The story starts off where the main character Nonomura gets lost while changing classes. She bumps into her classmate, Iizuka, who is also lost. As they wander around they bump into Torako and Suzume who both jumped out a window from the second floor. Well it's interesting how the characters think here. If you get lost jump out a window and walk straight.

  • Woah she jumped from the second floor just to get to class.
  • Can't open the door? Pull a brick out of the ground and break a window!
  • And here I thought I was directionally challenged.
  • This school so far reminds me of Ouran, freaking huge.
  • So the school tells you about the GPS and to use it, then again you have to pay.
  • Jump out a window, break a window, then knock out your teacher. I like it.
  • As far as I know when she "hurt" her foot it sounded pretty painful.
  • So far Suzume is the best out of those 4 xD
So far, nothing in particular that "wows" me.