Well after finally sitting down to watch the first episode, I saw that there were some major differences between the TV series and the OVA. The OVA looked a lot better while the TV series seems to appeal to a slightly younger audience. I mean look at Chika and compared them! The first episode contained the same stories from the OVA. More of the OVA stories will be in the second one. As for one of my personal favorites, the super ball episode was in episode 1 ^^. Even though much has changed, the characters still have their sudden serious facial expressions at certain times which I love to see.

Oh I loved this scene from the OVA and still do!

This is what happens when you play with Super Balls.

My favorite episode and part! His expression is priceless!

Nice Kick. Nice Revenge.

The power of imagination and broom guitars.

Does that still look like Chika to you? Anyways serious expressions!

More serious expressions :D

Why the long face?

  • Chika has yellow hair and looks younger now. What the hell?
  • I wanted to see the episode where they try to make Aihara laugh =[
  • Aihara sure can chew things apart!
  • Aihara became a cat! A evil cat.
  • I wouldn't mind being Ryota during the rain episode.