Just by reading the plot of this made me expect a lot out of it. The fact that you have beautiful girls killing people is unique itself *_* I know dane loves this. Oh the ED song is awesome! Can't wait for the full single. This anime is based off a game bt Nitro and 5pb, no hentai for you guys ok? o_O This anime is also graphic and violent so if you like bright sunny animes don't watch this.

Ooo Kiss me too D:

Seira the heroine in a anime show in Chaos;HEad. Sexy, no?

How could you make Nana cry >:O

A picture of the future.

Taking a night stro- OH SHI-!

She killed him to see you, Takki.

"Oh damn, DO WANT."

"Why does she have to be in Seira-tan's bathing suit?" Who cares I like it!

Apparently the murderer is your classmate, and she sits right next to you. Way to go Takumi!

  • So the main protagonist in this show, Takumi, is a otaku apparently, who has zero communication skills, which makes me think he is a hikikomori too.
  • Takumi has the most realistic delusions ever known to man.
  • He goes as far to make a minimum score table to graduate.
  • His sister, Nana, sure is cute isn't she :D
  • New Gene - a chain of murders and suicides. Group Dive, Pregnant Man.
  • Takumi lives in a semitrailer.
  • She was nailing him into the wall! o_O
  • I'm loving this show xD