Taiga, the freeloader

Love is her weakness~

Can I have a cookie?



Evil Kitamaru

Since nobody understands us, lets take out our anger on a telephone pole

It actually tilted

Dragon & Tiger

"He said, 'Taiga'"

Since there was no opening song in episode one, it appeared in episode two. It is a pretty cute and catchy song. The opening was very colorful, cute, and nice. I guess I am at a loss of words. When Taiga was going to confess to Kitamaru, she sounds so much like Louise since they both are weak at love, but also stubborn and pouty. Well, there might already be hints of the beginning feelings between Taiga and Ryūji, but they both won't admit it, at least Taiga won't since she likes Kitamaru. Taiga is also starting to praise and to help Ryūji a little more than before; thus it appears that Taiga does have a hidden soft side, too. Because of things they did together, other people misunderstood them as a couple; it was actually pretty amusing to see Minorin's (Minori's nickname), Kitamaru's, and others' reaction (censored). But when Taiga and Ryūji are alone, they do have their quiet moments; there is also a brief part about Taiga's past. In the preview, it looks like episode three would mainly be dedicated to Minori, but maybe Taiga will try to confess again.

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