Hear me out, my minions~

Lets spy on them~ *smirk*

  • In the beginning, Seijirou Sugishita, Jun'ichi's teacher, disappears and is last seen at the old school building, but later, he stayed there because he got kicked out of his apartment unit for tuning his motorcycle in his room
  • Jun'ichi is Mitsuki Siina's, the president of student council's, pet yet he doesn't acknowledge it
  • Nagomi Shiraishi gets introduced; her role is a spy and Minato's classmate as of now
  • Jun'ichi continues to have illusions; I guess those might be because he play games too much or for another reason not yet known, but maybe his friend, Fuyuhiko Nishino, has some influence on it
  • It's another typical ghost story episode