Everyone looks quite nice~

Wah~ the kitchen is going to explode~

Where did that knife come from~

"I'm glad that you are safe"

Everyone in formal~
  • Karen Ayanokouji invites Jun, short for Jun'ichi, Yuuhi, and their friends even Sugishita-sensei to a home party on a cruise boat
  • According to Yuuhi and others, choosing between sweets and beautiful clothing is girls' eternal dilemma
  • Minato, Mitsuki, Nagomi and Mikoto Tachibana helps out at the kitchen because the head chef got sea sick
  • Minato's "jungle tuna slicing" skill is quite awesome
  • Yuuhi is quite the klutz, can't cook and starts the fire, which she blames it on the octopus that she is scared of
  • Jun gets turned on by how Minato dressed (That's kind of weird)
  • Nagomi can use magic
  • Karen has such long eyelashes and is the most boring host ever; I also think that she likes Jun whom mostly everyone except Mikoto and maybe Tsukasa Kiryu loves
  • Will we get a hot spring episode eventually?