The episode starts off with Takumi's past when his parents didn't let him go on a school trip. He wished that everyone couldn't go with him and the bus had fallen off a cliff. He starts to become reclusive. Well he goes to a doctor for and examination. Seria-tan nurse edition! Well all the new girls are appearing :D. Sexy swords everywhere. I don't get how Ayase gets more naked as she walks to him o_O. Sena is here! Huge blue sword xD. And in the end another freaky New Gene murder.

O_O Seira-tan come to me~!

Rimi got scared so shut up!

Takumi sees himself in the future photo.

Phantasm, quite a bloody cover.

She has beautiful eyes *_*

My, what a huge thing you have there.

*Punches wall*

You made her cry again! Die Takumi, DIE!

Oh yes I seem to be attracted to her :D

Holy crap the corpse turned green.

"Whose eyes are those?"

  • Takumi gets all the girls D:<
  • I wonder if Takumi sees Seira-tan in a bikini if he was at a beach.
  • Ayase is Vampire, I assume.
  • He's not the only one that knows that phrase now.
  • Those girls makes those swords look light.
  • Daisuke thought Takumi had changed and likes real girls xD
  • What significance did the delusion with Ayase mean?
  • Sena seems interested.
  • Whose eyes are those?