Keeping a collection~

Tsk Tsk Yuuhi~



Up close, Mitsuki is pretty cute~


Picture says a thousand words~

In the beginning~ *don't see her*

At the end~ *now I do*
  • Yuuhi and Minato teases each other about loving Jun; while they are at it, Jun enters and asks Minato out on a date ("Lets go on a date" is a play on words meaning to hang out instead of its usual meaning of romance)
  • Yuuhi is intent to watch over Minato and Jun so she decides to go, too; But Minato has friend appointment so she decides to let Yuuhi go with Jun (Well afterwards, I think Minato lied, but I am not 100% certain)
  • Jun's voice kind of changed into a deeper tone after Yuuhi accidently bumped into two strangers after the movies
  • Mitsuki calls Jun a full fledged playboy
  • Yuuhi has her first time in a photo booth with Jun, but they end up taking an odd picture
  • Jun gets a fever fetching Yuuhi's favorite hat; because of that, Yuuhi got all worried about Jun, but on the other hand, Jun is worried about Yuuhi
  • Minato's instant ramen cures Jun's fever, which amazes Yuuhi; Thus Jun ends up cooking for once
  • The news about Yuuhi's and Jun's date spreads to their friends easily
Hot spring fan service next episode~