The day starts off with Nagi breaking her wand, and asks Jin to buy her a new one. Jin explains that he doesn't want to because of the look the store clerk gave him. Her expression was hilarious. Jin gives her glue to glue it back together and she ends up gluing it to the table. Outside Nagi finds kittens and imitates Jin when he refused to feed them. Tsugumi is introduced and she sees Jun with Nagi while holding a pair of panties. Nagi comes in with a polite manner xD and makes up a lie. Jin finds the dead mother cat later and runs home to find out the kittens had died and Nagi absorbed them. She has a fight later and fights a frog impurity on a ball, haha.

Cute way to sleep :3

"I see your fetishes boy".

"Save the kitties Jin"!

"Uh, I can explain~"

"A cloth hanger".

Tsugumi is cute isn't she? ;3

"Tsugumiiiiiii"! *Stretch*

"That made me laugh my ass off".

The dead kittens goes back into mother earth.

"Behold my magical staff of doom"!

"Oh my god it's Jin! Daisuki dai yo"!
  • Nagi's reactions to seeing the kittens are so cute! >.<
  • Nagi's "imitation" of Jin is funny too.
  • Jin comes home to see the staff on the table *Reaction* I laugh.
  • Tsugumiiii! *Stretches panties* xD
  • Nagi becomes a high class person instantly.
  • Nagi exposes her lie.
  • The staff does a somersault and lands perfectly! A 10!
  • Nagi's mood changes when she discovers the dead kittens.
  • Even the kids think Nagi is weird.
  • The impurity is a frog this time!
  • Nagi has terrible reflexes and is saved by Jin.
  • "The weirdo's not back yet. My shoulder ache is gone".