Episode One: Sinners of Fate

Season 2 kicks off what episode 13 has left. Zero, which was saved from becoming level E vampire (courtesy of Kaname-sama) seems to still interested in Yuki's blood. Although she occasionally (umm did I say sometimes?) volunteers to donate blood, unknowingly what had happened between Kaname and to her blood-thirsty friend. Maria whom Shizuka possessed appeared as a normal girl again, bothered by the loss of her former 'master' revealed why Shizuka started a fight against Pure-blood and the mastermind of the deaths of Zero's parents. This begins the investigation of Vampire Council to hunt down Shizuka's slayer known for them was Zero.

Even the girls are awestruck by Yuki~

..No Kaname-sama?!


Maria finally reveals to Zero about his parents death.

Yuki got ambushed.. again

And that was fast~!

Would be nice if Kaname-sama was the only one that came :/

"Dang.. I missed~"

Jealousy strikes in.

Never knew dreams can be messy sometimes.

Friends forever?

  • Yuki still didn't notice Zero's change of state.
  • Noticed that night class were always in Kaname's side? Well, literally.
  • And I was looking forward for more KanamexYuki scenes.
  • Kaname seems to show a little bit of emotion there.
  • Dreams weren't made to scare people off to their beds~! xD
  • Zero's new power means new enemies, which is bad.

Okay, our next stop.. Episode 2: The Eternal Promise