Ok, so like, this anime is about aliens, oooo aliens. It talks about a person n
amed Akiyuki Takehara who lives in a c**ppy(please excuse my vulgar language) house with rust in the water. He's an ordinary average person with two best friends, a innocent girl named Haru Nishimura and a jealous guy named Furuichi Teraoka. Until that is, he helps an foreigner get on a bus filled with students going on a field trip. But the foreigner was really a suicidal person named Nazuna who set off some sort of bomb that transforms any human in a Xam'd which is an alien thing. Akiyuki and Furuichi gets hit with it but it seems that Akiyuki was the only to transform at that moment. This episode also shows a flying ship and people in it whom later becomes great importance.

I want a lunch box of my own and good looking breakfast. :[

Lolzorz, I want that bunny looking thing.

That's Haru (the girl) and Furuichi (the guy).

That is NAST-TAY. I don't want a arm like that. >:[

ItalicOMG!!! I can't feel my face. OMG, WHAT IS THIS FUGLY MASK?!?!?

He's big, he's bad, I wanna shoot him. xD