Nagomi's secret base~

My Oh My~ Supermarket is so amazing~

This is...this is...INGENIOUS~ *I never thought of that before*

This reminds me of typical Asian parents


Stop...I...I...shoot yo... *yawn*
  • Katagiri family tradition includes the woman of the family to marry a choosen fitting candidate in order to maintain power
  • Yuuhi, nicknamed Hime, is not a morning person and still won't forgive Jun'ichi for stealing her first kiss; she also has a bad habit of clicking buttons
  • Yuuhi is similar to Nagi from Hayate no Gotoku since both of them has not being to the outside world much; for example, during Yuuhi's first time at the supermarket, she calls the shopping car a baby car
  • Jun'ichi has a lonely childhood; since Jun'ichi and his family has lived in the jungle before, Jun'ichi is called the Geno Killer because of his wild lifestyle
  • Both Minato and Yuuhi says it's hard to live under forceful and "crazy" parents
  • When Minato was surprised at the end, it might be a hint of sadness or feelings (too early to foretell anyways)
I get the feeling that everyone character that Rie Kugimiya voice for is similar to each other like in this case, Yuuhi is similar to Nagi.