Jin is finally going to school and Nagi is interested. He is made fun in his art club. There are the Hulk of an artist, Too pure pure boy, and a self conscious Akiba freak. Nagi goes to school and she looks great in a uniform *_* I laughed when Jin dodged her! Tsugumi clearly likes Jin :D The ghost in the cellar was actually the adviser of the club. The impurity is caught by Nagi's sister, a nun in a church.

"Where are you going Jin"?

Jin apparently isn't that good with painting.

"Drill through the heavens"!

A little something Daitetsu is into.

Akiba, the akiba freak.

"Too-pure-pure boy"! *Nosebleeds*

And some more nosebleeds.

Nagi has gotten popular so fast.

"He dodged the hug"!

They are not doing what you are thinking.

"Nani, where is the impurity"?

Zange, with the impurity Nagi was looking for.
  • The school uniform is cute.
  • Jin is in the art club. He looks up to Daitetsu-kun.
  • Despite Daitetsu's looks he is a timid person that likes cute things.
  • Akiba is a mangaka that talks too much.
  • Between a hulk of an artist, too pure-pure boy, and a self-conscious akiba freak. Too pure pure boy wins.
  • Takako gets nosebleeds over Jin.
  • Tsugumi sure tells a scary story with scary eyes.
  • Nagi doesn't look bad in the school uniform.
  • 3 ugly fat girls saying, "Did we have such a beautiful girl in our school"? emphasizes Nagi's beauty. But what about Tsugumi? She's beautiful.
  • Jin dodged! And he is called a homo.
  • Tsugumi definitely has feelings for Jin.
  • The person in the cellar is actually the art club adviser.
  • Zange is Nagi's imouto. She can catch impurities with her bare hands. A sister rivalry.