Episode Two: The Eternal Promise

After what happened between Yuki and Zero, she's still troubled by the attempt 'kiss' thingy which makes her looks uncanny in front of her friend Yori. A lost child (a really weird looking one) came to her crying for her lost dear mother although after getting much help from Yuki, he rewarded it with a kiss on the cheek but this drains her energy causing her to faint. Luckily.. she was found by Kaname along with his classmates from night class and was brought to an old mansion which surprisingly had a gathering party for all the vampires and the noble ones. Kaname told her just to stay in the room until he's come back but this didn't stop Yuki's curiosity for much that she saw Zero guarding the ball. Kaname later asked why did she left the room but instead, he laid along Yuki's chest feeling weak. Kaname's vampire side inevitably shows, however his passionate love for Yuki remains.

"Halloween sickness?"

A faintly kiss.


*pats..* Zero looks irritated lol.

How sweet~

"A twin's curse." Scary :x

"The punishment isn't enough."

YukixKaname memories~

"Want to live with me forever?"

No more Zero?

  • I wonder who's the kid with weird eyes.
  • The Curse of the Twins looks bad. :/
  • Yuki now realize that her Kaname can choose anyone over her.
  • Kaname punishment for Yuki was romantic~
  • He mistook Yuki's tears for fear and canceled the proposal.
  • KanamexYuki forever~ *forget about zero* xD
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