Nodame and Frank decide to go to the Anime fest, while Chiaki goes off to his conducting competition.

Chiaki's biggest competitor is Jean, who is also Viera’s top student. Jean’s girlfriend, Yuko, really pissed me off xD. Chiaki also meets a new conductor, Katahira Hajime who conducts uniquely by jumping in time every now and then, as if he was “flying”. The episode basically goes through the competition, 1-3 of the preliminaries. LOL nodame’s “Mukii! Gyabo!” as she tries to pull Chiaki out of bed. Think the competition goes over 7 days with Chiaki being the victor!

- I’m making this quick since I have to make the other reviews to catch up, sorry if it’s vague =[

Only disappointing is they didn’t animate Chiaki’s winning performance, why didn’t they T_T it’s like the most important one lol, oh well, they probably ran out of time.

Chiaki uses the baton add-on Nodame put on :]

Chiaki x Nodame moment ^_^