The first part of this episode has to do with Megumi being cautious with her weight. It ends up that the scale was off. Aihara makes observations by talking about food in front of the starved Megumi(Aihara you're awesome ^^). Next is where Sato and Chika compare who's taller. Sato is taller despite Chika having longer legs. Sato gets depressed that he loses after comparing on the straddle bar because Kouji mentioned that Sato had a longer torso than his legs. Lastly comes the part where Natsumi starts drinking a lot of milk. Everyone thinks she wants to grow taller but in reality Natsumi wants her breasts to grow. Sato afraid of that checks if his got bigger(Lol xD).

"The combination of pudding and agepan is like Orihime and Hikoboshi"!

Megumi can't see Sato without her glasses, Sato is saved!


"Go ahead and order me as you wish, King of Deep Sighs".

Sato is losing terribly!

"What are you doing"?
"I was just thinking: "What if mine got bigger?" ".

  • The scale was off by a whole 3kg, how can you not notice?
  • Always rely on Yuki to give you all the info.
  • Sato gets some service.
  • I love Aihara's observation log.
  • Aihara wants to listen to Megumi's stomache .
  • Sato feels so happy to win for once.
  • Kouji drags him down.
  • Natsumi actually cared about her bust size?