As Jin gets even more depressed, Tsugumi notices something is wrong with Jin and Nagi. Jin replies that she won't be coming back anymore. Tsugumi gives Jin a long lecture and Jin snaps out of it. From the people on the Nagi fansite he manages to find Nagi. The the spirit of the old woman of Nagi's first followers had come to talk to Jin about Nagi-sama. It turns out that the old woman had died, hence the black dress on Nagi. Nagi returns to Jin's home, and Jin has all these sexual thoughts about her. And then the fan service part happens while Tsugumi walks in on them. All's well ends well.

The story started out interesting, I mean a god coming out of your statue, isn't that awesome or what? The comedy was mediocre at best to me and the series could have done a better. This anime still had its moments though. Overall this series was an average one.


Jin holds onto Nagi's arm, not to let her go again.

Nagi looks cute in this picture doesn't it? :D

Too bad she is beaten by her :3

Holding hands at the funeral. of sexual urges!

Naked and white liquid on the floor. Water isn't white!
Tsugumi: . . .

Tsugumi's awesome head swaying!

Frying pan attack to end the show!
  • Jin gets out of emo-mode and finds Nagi.
  • The old woman's spirit is cute isn't she? :3
  • Nagi and Jin held hands!
  • Tsgumi's head swaying is awesome.
  • To get rid of sexual urges turn on the TV.