After the defeat of Musubi, all hope seems to be lost. Having Minato, and Shigi who are unable to fight the Disciplinary Squad, Kuno kisses Shigi and becomes winged. She sings her song that weakens other Sekirei, or the gently gentle song as Shigi calls it. Kuno sings the song for awhile until she runs out of energy and spews out blood. Tsukiumi soon comes to their aid, only to be too late. In her raging anger she takes on both Benitsubasa and Haihane at once. Tsukiumi fought on even ground with Benitsubasa and Haihane, but only to be pinned down by the girders on the bridge when Haihane cuts them down.

At the same time, Minato's sister, Yukari, was with Shiina, the male Sekirei who is the brother of Kuu. They run into Hayato with his two Sekirei, Akitsu, and Mutsu. Hayato wanting to get rid of Yukari and to wing Shiina orders Mutsu to kill Yukari. Shiina jumps in and saves Yukari and rolls down a small hill. There they confess to each other and kisses and Shiina becomes winged. Right after that, Shiina unleases his powers. His powers are that of death and decay, which is the opposite of Kuu's powers. At this point Hayato and his Sekirei flees.

Back where Minato is, Musubi started giving off a pink glow and her Sekirei mark returns. But instead of Musubi coming back, she becomes No. 8, Yume, the Destiny Sekirei. Yume starts giving the Disciplinary Squad a lecture which provokes Benitsubasa. Benitsubasa and Haihane then attacks Yume, which in return Yume blasts them with a pink beam. Knocking them both off balance, she grabs them by the ankles and throws them away. Yume goes back to Minato and talks about his warm loving heart that woke her up and that he is a great Ashikabi. Soon after the black Sekirei, Karasuba comes in to fight Yume. Opening her eyes and drawing her katana she charges towards Yume. Yume dodges all attacks and says that the one that will block you for sure would be a certain someone and changes back into Musubi right before getting stabbed by Karasuba. Musubi regaining consciousness wonders what had happened. Minato seeing Musubi back cries and runs over to hug Musubi. Just then the MBI satellite becomes operational again and fires a giant laser beam from out of space, demolishing the bridge. Kuno and Shigi falls and is saved by Uzume and Kazehana.

After everything came to a end, Yukari and Shiina swears to be together forever. Back at the bridge, Shigi offers Minato to escape the capital with him only to be rejected. Minato claims he still has something to do in the capital. Shigi then takes his leave with Kuno, and Minato apologizes for being useless. Musubi says that as long as Minato is himself, it's more than enough. Tsukiumi, Matsu, and Kuu seeing how Musubi takes all the parts for herself runs over to hug Minato.

Soon life goes back to normal back at the Izumo house. Kuu watches the news about the vegetation that died and thinks of Shiina. Seo freeloads off Miya while his Sekirei are apologizing. Claiming that it was alright, a oni mask appears behind Miya while she smiles, scaring Seo. Tsukiumi continues to argue with Musubi about being the legal wife while feeding Minato. Kuu walks in and starts feeding him too while Matsu laughs in the background. Back at MBI, Takami is left speechless to how No. 88, or Musubi, reactivated again. Hayato is left complaining about not being able to wing Shiina. Benitsubasa and Haihane are back at MBI angry at Musubi and talks about her huge breasts, or outrageously huge breasts as Haihane puts it. Natsuo sees how Karasuba is in a good mood while Karasuba is cleaning her katana. Uzume is back at the hospital talking to her Ashikabi while Higa of the east says that Uzume had betrayed them by saving No. 95. Yukari is still with Shiina defeating a Sekirei and kicking the male Ashikabi's groin asking if he knew where Kuu is. Back at the Izumo house Kazehana and Homura are on the roof saying how their bodies are reacting to an Ashikabi, namely Minato who is downstairs going to school while Tsukiumim Musubi, and Kuu argue about who is to see him off. Homura shocked by this looks down and is revealed he has breasts. Lastly we see Hiroto on the clock tower again saying this is only the beginning and will be continued.

Overall this series was good. It was like any harem anime, contained ecchi and comedy. Although Sekirei added fighting into it. To stay together with the one they love, they had to rise to the top, while most harems revolve a school life of a single male student. Well I'm still reading the manga so I'm ahead of the anime xD.