A big thanks to moetron for this image which has the upcoming animes for Fall Season 2008.

I'll list down the possible series that would probably be featured on this site. Rokou and Ricky would probably add the ones they like as well.

Let's start off with a list, shall we?

1. ToraDora - I definitely will be covering this one (granted there are subs, of course). I've read a portion of the manga, and the character development is better than the summary suggests. I won't throw in any spoilers, I promise.

2. Kuroshitsuji - This seems like a male Nagi version of Hayate no Gotoku!, might as well give it a try. I don't think he could be that perfect, though. Prepare for the unravelling of a dark past or something.

3. CLANNAD: After Story - The first season was epic. This one most probably will be another round of pure, tear-jerking romance. This is a no-brainer, this NEEDS to be covered.

4. Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka - "...she screams at him to 'just die'". This seems interesting. Oh, and doesn't that girl kind of resembles Wakatsuki Syuri from Myself; Yourself?

5. ef - a tale of melodies - Romance? Oh yes, do want.


That's the preliminary list of anime that we will be covering, but changes might just happen overnight.

This list is temporary and likely to be update, and would be mainly used as a reminder for me, but I would be watching these:
2.Tales of Abyss
5.Ef - a tale of melodies
6.Clannad: After Story
7.Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka
8.To Aru Majutsu no Index
10.Nodame Cantabile Paris

Well I'll also be watching most of what Dane will be watching and also be watching these:
7)Yozakura Quartet
10)Kyou no Go no Ni TV - There is a 4 episode OAV that came out before this.
11)Macademi Wasshoi - sounds like reverse Zero no Tsukaima
13)Tales of the Abyss
I didn't include the OVA's that are going to come out and I'll see if I will be watching more. - Ricky