This series ended better than I expected (story-wise, that is). It was fun listening to most of the songs in the series all over again, but the blending was a little meh.

This looks nice.

You've got to love the mechas flying around. I mean, they transform from plane to humanoid in less than a second. Damn, they absolutely would pwn Gundams, imo.

Oh shi- it looks like Freedom. A bit.

The ending was quite unsettled, though. Hmph, indecisive Alto. He couldn't even choose between Ranka and Sheryl. I like Sheryl, though, so I'll just imagine them going together.

I wonder what would happen if I did this in public. LOL

I liked the series, and I'm actually sad that it finally ended. I loved the songs as well. Now I just hope Code Geass' ending won't suck. :x