This must be some intricate code (fish bomb?)

Alicia can be cute, too (despite all those tense moments)

Tank looks similar to ones in Metal Slug

Bring out the big guns~
  • History: Darksen, a greedy man took the plentiful lands away from the villagers despite the villager's pleas, but a brave warrior, Valkyria, pierced Darksen's heart and returned the lands to the people
  • Alicia, part of the Bruhl townwatch, misunderstands Welkin Gunther as an Imperial Army spy at first then eventually finds out that he is just a weird brother with a reliable sister, Isara. (He might be the son of General Gunther, hero of Gallia in the First European War)
  • The East European Imperial Alliance and the Atlantic Federation are at war over the mineral, Ragnite; Ragnite is abundant in Gallia thus it is being targeted by the Imperial Army, led by Crown Prince Maximilian
  • The hesitation to shoot humans is shown in two parts: when Susie, also part of the Bruhl townwatch, is afraid being shot by the Imperial Army and when Alicia chases Welkin
  • Does Darksen define name for a general race of people or is it the name of an individual? (because when Alicia first met Isara, Alicia calls Isara a Darksen in terms of a name for a general race of people)
First Impression
The artwork is pretty nice since there is part where it looks like color pencil. Although I never played the game before, episode one is very interesting, makes me want to think about trying out the game. Also love the voice actor for Alicia because she also voiced Yoko from Gurren Lagann. I'm looking forward to the action in the episode two.