How easily Sebastian enlightens everyone~

This was never brought up~

Tanaka looks quite cool~

Skulls and even more skulls~

Poor Ciel~

Isn't it cute?


Sebastian, you too?~

Different set of clothing~

Griel's voice matches Sebastian's violion playing~

Blue suits him well~

The very important ring
  • Griel is a total klutz who has been left by Madame Red to be trained by Sebastian; But Griel got a decent voice
  • Ciel's parents died in a fire tragedy three years ago; the mansion that Ciel lives in now is newly restored two years ago
  • Tanaka can be in his real form for at max three minutes; if he goes over three minutes, he returns into his chibi form and slumbers
  • Lady Elizabeth Esel Cordelia Midford, the daughter of the Earl of Scotoni, is Ciel's fiance
  • Ciel can't dance so Sebastian teaches him
  • Ciel puts up a facade in front of Elizabeth even though she broke his ring; later when Ciel is going to bed, Sebastian places the ring back on Ciel's finger
  • The ring that Ciel wears is important to him and is passed down from generations; Ciel wants to throw it away so he doesn't remember the deaths of the family heads, but Sebastian tells him that it is a important memento so Ciel should keep it safe